Bennet for Colorado

Brand management, printed collateral design, oversaw visual brand update, social media management

A politician's brand is one of their most important assets. Everything from on-the-record comments to TV ads and bumper stickers must be have a unifying voice and feel. One aspect of that is managing social media and ensuring voters are getting the most up-to-date messaging directly from the campaign. This includes an aggressive organic and paid social media strategy. On Michael's campaign, I was tasked with designing and implementing all printed collateral. This included: rally signs, banners, bumper stickers, lapel stickers, an a coach bus wrap for a multi-day bus tour. Here is a sampling of the work I did:

It's On Us - A partnership with the White House

Style guide implementation, social media management, branding

In 2014, President Obama, Vice President Biden, and The White House in partnership with the Center for American Progress launched a new initiative: the It's On Us campaign. The goal: to bring awareness to sexual assault on college campuses, change the culture around sexual assault, and eventually end sexual assault. 

Shortly after the launch I was brought on and assigned my first project: creating and implementing a social media plan for the Grammy’s to coincide with a video message from President Obama. While sitting through introductory HR meetings, filling out paper work, and learning the brand’s voice, I was simultaneously creating a content calendar, devising a rapid response strategy, writing copy for our social channels and partner celebrities, creating graphics, and ensuring all team members were ready for their individual night-of roles. Thanks to meticulous planning, it was wildly successful and jump-started over 240% in organic growth on our social media channels.

Here was President Obama's message to the Grammy's and the millions of people watching: 

Friends of Mark Warner

Logo redesign, style guide creation, printed collateral

Senator Warner has worked in politics and has been an elected official for some time so when it came time to redesign his logo and create a new style guide, it was key to stay true to his brand. Subtly was key. With that in mind, I updated the logo to be cleaner and updated his color palette to a bolder blue and red. Lastly, we rebuilt the website with a focus on Virginia values and imagery to bring the whole visual identity.   

Andy Beshear for Attorney General

Logo design, printed collateral design

Attorney General Beshear was running in 2015 for Kentucky's Attorney General, a year that we knew would be very difficult for Democrats. Kentucky was fairly red at that point; Romney had won handily in 2012 and Senator McConnell easily won reelection in 2014. Thanks to his team and strong visual identity, he was able to build name recognition early and eventually win the election. I was tasked with designing his logo and creating yard signs and bumper stickers. 

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