Over the course of my career, I've been apart of and worked my way up to managing political and non-profit digital programs. Most recently as Senator Bennet's Digital Director, I led a program that brought in over $2.8 million in online revenue and grew the email list 33% through organic and paid methods. Here is a sampling of my work:


On Senator Bennet's Campaign I produced, directed, in some cases filmed, and edited a 12-part video series called, "Working for Colorado." They were unscripted, interview based videos that required research beforehand so that my freelance videographer and I could guide the conversation to get the content we wanted from our subjects. I'm especially proud of this project because, through frugal project-management, I was able to complete it 50% under budget and two months early while still maintaining a high-quality product. 

The River - Frasier, Colorado


Graphic Design

I have experience creating day-to-day graphics for social media and email, printed collateral, bumpers stickers, yard signs, a bus wrap, and I've redesigned and created logos. 

Email Samples

A major part of my previous roles was writing action-oriented copy to drive activism and donations. I wrote content for blogs, social media, video scripts, and email marketing -- essentially everything that went online was either created by me or approved by me. Here are some examples of a few emails that I wrote for Senator Bennet's campaign:

Microsite Design and Build

I designed and built Million Dollar Lobbyist to help garner earned media around a mail piece and new TV commercial. This was one segment of an an all-inclusive media plan where we could deliver the same messaging online, on TV, and through the mail. Here is a screenshot of the site: