Bennet for Colorado

Scripting, Production, Filming, Editing

On top of the typical campaign trail videos, we created the "Working for Colorado" series. It's 12 videos filmed all around that state with Coloradans talking about why they support Michael. These testimonial-type videos were all created from interviews and were not scripted. However, myself and a hired videographer planned and researched extensively so we could control the conversation and ensure we got the content we needed. Below is a sampling of campaign trail and "Working for Colorado" videos. 

We filmed this in the Frasier River valley near Winter Park, Colorado. Kirk is a water conservationist and avid fly-fisherman. 

Kent is a farmer, family-man, and former President of the Rocky Mountain Farmer's Union.

This was filmed during the second part of a multi-day bus tour around Colorado just a few weeks before the Election. We traveled through the Western Slope, SW Colorado, and The San Luis Valley. 

Personal Video

Drone, Wedding, Outdoor Recreation, GoPro

I enjoy making videos in my free time. They're fun and a great way to practice so I can produce better content at work. I have a Canon 6D DSLR, a GoPro, and a DJI Drone. Between these three tools, I like to create videos when I'm out in nature. I have also created a wedding video and am looking to create more. If you're getting married in Colorado and are looking for an experienced and affordable videographer, I'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding. 

Friends of Mark Warner

When Senators Warner's top advisor hired me, he asked if I had any video experience. My answer: "No, but I'd be happy to learn!" From there started a whirlwind of learning how to get the right shots, edit video, organize raw video, and to film enough B-roll. Honestly, my first video was terrible. I've come a long way thanks to self-teaching, trial and lots of error, and my good friend Rob Flaherty taking the time to sit down with me and walk me through After Effects. Here's a few campaign trail videos I filmed while traveling all over the Commonwealth of Virginia with Senator Warner for the better part of six months. 

Our final video of the 2014 campaign. Senator Warner was joined by local electeds and Former Senator, John Warner (a Republican and no relation). It was an honor to travel in the days leading up to this rally with Fmr. Senator Warner. He is the definition of a true Virginia Gentleman. 

As Governor, Senator Warner successfully championed getting the Virginia Tech Hokies into the ACC. During the campaign, we visited the stadium for a football game and to interact with student-voters. This video was a targeted GOTV reminder for Hokies fans.

As is Tradition, those running for statewide office in Virginia participate in Labor Day parades in Buena Vista and Covington Virginia. Senator Warner likes to literally run in these, which means his cameraman (me) also gets to run the parades.